The 'Save My Face!' Pillowette

is a revolutionary beauty and health product for the 21st Century. It helps prevent wrinkling, improves nasal air flow that permits increased oxygenation of the body, eases aches and pains, and aids in cosmetic surgery recovery. In addition it enhances the affects of expensive anti-aging facial creams and serums. Nothing is rubbed off on your sleep surface. The unique patented double crescent-shaped design supports the head comfortably while elevating the face during sleep or rest. This prevents compression of skin tissues and muscles as well as Sinuses located in the face. It also provides proper support for the neck, shoulders, and back.


The Save My Face pillow enhances the effects of expensive anti-aging facial creams and serums.


The pillow works while you sleep so not only do these pillows provide extreme comfort, they also work magic on your skin while you rest.


Consider sleeping with the Save My Face! Pillow, which has a unique crescent-shaped design to help support the head and elevate the face during sleep.
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